Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles that appear underneath the eyes have different causes:

  • Lack of volume
    Loss of volume in the area of underneath the eye(tear trough) can cause a depression in the skin tissue. Dr. Friedman addresses this type of volume loss by augmenting the cheek and underneath the eye with dermal filler.
  • Veins
    Noticeable facial veins can also cause the skin underneath the eye to appear to be blue or black. Dr. Friedman treats veins underneath the eyes with a YAG laser, which targets the blood vessels with precision.
  • Pigmentation
    Dark areas can be caused by pigmentation of the skin. Dr. Friedman treats skin pigmentation in the facial area with a combination of treatments with energy-based devices and prescription topical creams.

At your consultation, Dr. Friedman will first diagnose the cause of the dark circles under your eyes, and will then tailor an appropriate treatment plan for you.

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