What Are Forehead Lines?

Aging occurs in all four layers of your skin- bone, fat layer, dermis and epidermis. In the forehead, this process causes one to lose volume and bone. Dr. David Friedman treats forehead line with dermal fillers, botox or a combination of both, depending on the extent of volume loss in the forehead.
  • Forehead lines without loss of volume can be treated with botox
  • Forehead lines that occur with loss of volume, can be treated with dermal filler and possibly a combination of botox and dermal filler
Dermal fillers can enhance your youthful facial curvature, treat your wrinkles and lift up your eyebrow and most importantly open eyes. Botox can be placed in the upper forehead. In the lower forehead, botox can not placed as it can cause the eye to droop. Treatment of forehead lines can be performed as a stand alone procedure, or as part of a complete facial sculpting treatment. Dr. Friedman is an expert at natural beautification to provide you with an enhancement of your unique features. At your consultation, Dr. Friedman will personally tailor a treatment plan for you, so that you can restore and enhance your youthful appearance.

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