A youthful jawline has a  tight and sharp appearance, with a marked delineation between the neck and the cheek. With maturity the skin sags, obscuring the sharp jawline definition. In addition, loss of volume and enlarged chewing muscles and collection of jowl fat can often create an uneven line. Dr. David Friedman treats jowls with dermal fillers, botox or a combination of both. Dermal fillers can lift the skin and jowl, to create a distinct, straight, feminine  jawline. Botox is used on the chewing muscle (masseter) to narrow the wide jaw and create a beautiful, oval jawline rather than a square one. Sagging bands on the neck can be addressed with a combination of dermal filler, intradermal botox and laser, which can improve the integrity of the skin and a wrinkled skin texture. Treatment of jowls can be performed as a stand alone procedure, or as part of a complete facial sculpting treatment. Dr. Friedman is an expert at natural beautification to provide you with an enhancement of your unique features.  At your consultation, Dr. Friedman will personally tailor a treatment plan for you, so that you can restore and enhance your youthful appearance.

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