Laser for Scars

What Are Scars?

Scars are fibrous tissue which result from the natural process of wound repair.

Dr. Friedman’s comprehensive approach to scar treatment addresses the multi-faceted aspects of these types of scars:

  • Burn Scars
  • Traumatic Scars (caused by injury)
  • Surgical Scars
  • Keloid Scars
  • Acne Scars

Every layer of the skin can be affected by scar tissue:

Epidermis Layer:

The scar may cause a color change and can be red, white or brown. In addition, the skin can loses its smooth texture. Scarring in the epidermis layer can require laser treatment to improve color and smooth texture abnormalities.

Dermis Layer:

The scar can affect skin thickness, and can be raised or depressed. Dermis layer scarring can be treated with Radio Frequency (RF) needling devices.

Fat layer:

Scars can cause the skin to be depressed. In the fat layer, subcision can release the scar and dermal fillers can keep the scar from reforming.

Dr. Friedman’s Treatment Approach to Scars

Dr. David Friedman, a U.S. and Israel Board Certified Dermatologist, has developed a revolutionary method which treats different types of scars, including the most severe and complex cases.

Dr. Friedman uses a combination of technologies and techniques to treat scars:

  • Laser
  • Subcision
  • Dermal Filler
  • Energy-Based Devices

This treatment offers the following advantages:

  • One treatment session combining multiple treatment techniques
  • Performed In-Clinic
  • Minimal Downtime

Multiple sessions are performed to achieve the best result possible.

At your consultation, Dr. Friedman will first diagnose your type of scar and will then create a personalized scar treatment plan for you.

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