Mole Removal

What is laser mole removal?

Laser mole removal is a procedure for the removal of benign (non-cancerous) moles. Moles can be treated with lasers, which target the undesired mole with precision, while leaving the surrounding skin tissue intact.

Our advanced laser devices require no cutting or sutures, as opposed to surgical excision. Laser mole removal is minimally invasive, performed in-clinic and has no downtime.

Dr. Friedman’s Treatment Approach to Laser Mole Removal

Dr. David Friedman, a U.S. and Israel Board-Certified Dermatologist, treats the following types of moles:

  • Dark, Flat Moles are treated with a Q Switch or Pico Laser
  • Raised Moles are treated with an Erbium or CO2 Laser

At your consultation, Dr. Friedman will first assess your mole and will then create a personalized laser treatment plan for you.

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