Dr. Friedman was the only dermatologist able to treat my young daughter who had a severe case of excessive hair growth. He was very compassionate and caring. The results are amazing and have changed my daughter’s life. Thank you Dr. Friedman!


Dr. Friedman took the time at the consultation to really listen to me about what bothered me on my face. I completely trusted Dr. Friedman about which treatment he recommended in order for me to look my best. My friends just say that I look great but don’t know what I did!


I was thinking about having botox and fillers, and was hesitant because I wanted to look like myself, just a younger version. Dr. Friedman’s work was subtle, and I was absolutely thrilled with the natural looking results!


Many of my friends highly recommended Dr. Friedman for botox and filler treatment. Dr. Friedman explained everything to me as he was doing the treatment and his touch was gentle. The results are very natural and I love the way I look! L.G.


I highly recommend Dr. Friedman who treated the severe acne scars on my face. I went to different dermatologists, and was very impressed by Dr. Friedman’s unique approach to acne scars. The treatments that Dr. Friedman performed gave me my confidence back!


I had an underarm Botox treatment with Dr David Friedman. He used the smallest needles which did not hurt and his hands were so gentle. My first meeting was a thorough consultation, and I felt reassured me that he was the best Doctor to use. He listened to my concerns and gave me peace of mind. It’s been months now since my Botox treatment and I am still very happy with the results!

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