Laser for Port Wine Stains

(from 2 weeks old)

What Are Port-Wine Stains?

Port-wine stains are caused by a vascular malformation, and are present at birth.

Dr. Friedman’s Treatment Approach to Port-Wine Stains

Dr. David Friedman is a US and Israel Board Certified Dermatologist with close to 30 years experience treating Port-Wine Stains with Lasers.

In order to provide you with the highest level of care, Dr. Friedman performs all Port-Wine Stain Laser treatments himself. This provides with you with continuous and excellent medical care, by the same provider at each of your visits.

Dr. David Friedman’s multi-faceted treatment approach to Port-Wine Stains includes:

  • Protocol – Advanced American Treatment Protocol
  • Technology – Newest Candela Prima Pulse-Dye Laser
  • Convenience – Hassle-Free Scheduling in a Private Medical Office

Protocol – Advanced Pediatric Port-Wine Stain Laser Program

Based on American research, Dr. Friedman’s Pediatric Laser Program is exclusively for Babies from Birth until 1 years old. This program provides your Baby with:

  • Immediate Intervention – from Birth
  • Short Intervals between Treatments – every 2 weeks. In our office your Baby can have the treatments scheduled according the most advanced treatment protocol

Technology – Candela Prima Pulse-Dye Laser

Dr. David Friedman treats port-wine stains with the most advanced laser – the Candela Prima Pulse-Dye Laser. The Prima is the Gold Standard Pulse-Dye Laser, with the following advantages:

  • Greater Results in Less Time – the Prima features a larger treatment spot size and greater laser energy
  • Precision Targeting – the Prima Handpiece allows for very precise laser targeting on the skin

Convenience – Scheduling in a Private Medical Office

  • Convenience – Our office provides you with the option of scheduling your Baby’s treatment also for Afternoon/Evening hours and Fridays.
  • Accessibility – Both our Tel Aviv and Jerusalem offices have a dedicated Candela Prima Laser System. Dr. Friedman provides you with the opportunity to have these treatments performed in a private medical office (non-hospital setting).

Dr. David Friedman also treats older patients with port-wine stains. Some patients will have moderate improvement while others will achieve near-perfect results. Dr. Friedman’s port-wine stains treatments for older patients include:

  • Prima Pulse-Dye Laser (generally used)
  • Alexandrite Laser
  • YAG Laser

At your consultation, Dr. Friedman will first assess your port-wine stain and will then create a personalized treatment plan for you.

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