Настоящий доктор, реальные результаты

Dr. Friedman

Доктор Давид Фридман

Доктор Давид Фридман, лицензированный дерматолог в США и в Израиле возглавляет Центр дерматологии и лазерных процедур, предоставляющий профессиональный уход за кожей и ее лечение. Доктор Фридман дает лекции по всему миру, обучая специалистов в области дерматологии в других странах техникам лечения лазером. Кроме этого, доктор Фридман обучает израильских докторов использованию ботокса, дермальных филлеров и лазерных аппаратов.

Dr. Friedman is a graduate of the famed Albert Einstein College of Medicine and of the Brown University Department of Dermatology and is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology.

One of the world’s foremost experts on dermatologic use of lasers, Dr. Friedman was Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Brown University for many years. Patients travel from Europe, South America, India and South Africa for Dr. Friedman’s unique treatments.

Dr. Friedman has a great interest in facial beauty and is a strong proponent of enhancing features based on the mathematical model of the golden ratio. With the aid of specially designed calipers, Dr. Friedman performs facial sculpting with Botox/Dysport as well as premium grade hyaluronic acids.

In addition, Dr. Friedman has pioneered a new WEEKEND peel which gives an amazing improvement to skin texture and pigmentation in as few as 1-3 treatments with downtime (time to being able to apply makeup) of 1-3 days!

His unique approaches to laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation have been featured in Yediot Acharonot, Ma’ariv, The Jerusalem Post, Ynet,Mako,Kol Ha’ir and Time Magazine. Dr. Friedman works with many laser companies in the development of new laser devices. He was instrumental in developing the Me My Elos home hair removal device. Dr. Friedman also wrote the protocol for Vitiligo treatment that is distributed around the world. In Israel, Dr. Friedman was the first to introduce Pico technology to the country.

The approach that Dr. Friedman takes with his rejuvenation patients is to aim for a substantial natural improvement. He believes that optimal success is when the patient’s friends say “you look great, what did you do” and not when they say, “I see you filled up your lips”. Subtle, natural but real change is Dr. Friedman’s goal. At the same time, Dr. Friedman attempts to achieve these results with safe and simple procedures.

Dr. Friedman personally performs all consultations and has a certified female technician performing laser hair removal treatments for women. He believes that the consultation should never be a sales pitch but rather the time to become acquainted with the patient, to explain to the patient if they are good candidates for the procedure and most importantly to discuss with the patient what realistic results can be expected.

Dr. Friedman deserves his reputation as being an honest, warm and caring physician. He strives to treat all patients like family members.